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Greeks hold a protest concert on the eve of a third general strike


Greeks hold a protest concert on the eve of a third general strike

Greek civil servants joined a protest concert outside parliament ahead of today’s general strike over unpopular austerity measures.

The stoppage will be the third this year and has been organised by the country’s two main unions. It’s timed to happen as lawmakers vote on a bill which will slash thousands of public sector jobs.

Nursery School teacher Elvira Kopsalia called on the government to take more care of the people:

“They need to start looking out for the people and to stop looking out for their own wallets… .The people are suffering, and we need them to look after us on a personal and individual level. We are not numbers, nor are we people without brains or hearts.”

“Our country is bleeding,” said Teachers’ Unionist Evangelia Kalaitzi. “Our children have lost their hopes and their dreams and Europe must stop maiming their futures. The children are the future and the people are suffering. We are asking for help.”

Last week the European Union and the International
Monetary Fund approved a 6.8 billion euro loan on the condition the Greek government reforms the civil service nationwide.


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