Protest and prayers as supporters call for Mursi return

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Protest and prayers as supporters call for Mursi return

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Pro- Mohammed Mursi supporters have been demonstrating in a Cairo suburb as part of a campaign to have their former president re-instated.

On the weekly Muslim day of prayer in the holy month of Ramadan the crowds were swelled by thousands who were bussed in from the provinces.

The demonstration came after a week of violence in which more than 90 people were killed. The Muslim Brotherhood leadership slammed government supporters.

“Everyone who cooperates with those who are carrying out the coup are traitors of this revolution. We do not recognise this government, and any party that agrees to take part in this government is a party that endorses coups, a party of dictators, a political party that stands by the traitors instead of standing by the revolutionaries,” said Muslim Brotherhood leader Safwat Hegazi.

Interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi has named leftist lawyer Ziad Bahaa el-Din as his deputy and has said he aims to contact candidates for ministerial posts on Sunday and Monday with the aim of swearing in the cabinet next week.

There were no reports of any clashes on Friday and apart from the pro Mursi protest Cairo remained calm.