New public station begins broadcast in Greece amid protests

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New public station begins broadcast in Greece amid protests

New public station begins broadcast in Greece amid protests
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Employees of Greek state broadcaster ERT held protests outside the studio of the new TV station that will soon replace them.

ERT was shut down by the government last month as part of their efforts to cut costs and reduce national debt.

The new station began transmitting on Wednesday on the channel formerly used by ERT.

It aims to be fully operational within 3 months.

The president of the ERT Employees Union, Panagiotis Kalfayannis said they won’t give up:
“We will launch complaints and lawsuits and in the end we will win because they cannot run a television station without us. ERT’s wealth is not in its frequencies nor its buildings, it is the employees.”

The new station is broadcasting from a private studio because ERT employees have occupied their former workplace and continue to broadcast the news online.

For now, the new station is mostly showing old Greek films.

“The wish of the government and my own personal wish was that
this decision be made with the co-operation of ERT employees,” said Greece’s Minister for Public Television, Pantelis Kapsis.

“We would like employees not only to participate in this transitional period but in the restructuring of ERT too. I have carried out exhaustive negotiations.”

Parliament will vote on the matter next week.

Next week the bill establishing the new public broadcaster is expected to pass through Greek Parliament, but even when it becomes law, is by no means going to mark the end of the month long bitter strife between the ERT employees and the government.