Luxembourg awaits Grand Duke's decision

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Luxembourg awaits Grand Duke's decision

Luxembourg awaits Grand Duke's decision
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Luxembourg’s long-standing prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker has met with the Grand Duke to make an official request for elections.

This follows his recent decision to resign in light of a spying scandal involving the country’s secret service.

He spoke with journalists following his meeting with the Grand Duke.

Juncker : I never share the contents of my conversations with the Grand Duke. We have a confidentiality agreement and I respect it.

Journalist : And on elections, do we have any idea of a date?

Juncker : The Grand Duke will make the decision.

Journalist: Is your political career over, or do intend to run again (for office)?

Juncker: My political party will meet tonight and we will know more tomorrow.

Journalist: Do you want to?

Juncker : Very much.

Allegations of corruption and misconduct by Luxembourg’s security agency have shaken the prime miniser’s hold on power.

“This is stupid… for a “scandal” that everybody knows finally, and I don’t see why he should be dismissed for that”, said one Luxembourg resident.

“He has been a good Prime minister for 17-18 years now. He did a good job. And now he is dismissed for a stupid thing.”

And while Juncker denies any wrongdoing in the scandal, there has been criticism of his handling of the matter.