Juncker: at the heart of EU politics

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Juncker: at the heart of EU politics

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Will the euro be the visual legacy of Jean-Claude Juncker? The 58-year-old son of a steelworker and active trade unionist was at the centre of its creation.

He is considered as one of the architects of the Maastricht Treaty which turned the European Community into the European Union.

He outlasted many of those who spent time at the heart of the polemic and posturing of EU politics. The failure of the Constitutional treaty in 2005, the Lisbon treaty, the debt crisis and the fight to save the euro all happened during his watch as an EU politician.

He chaired the EU’s Council of Economic and Financial Affairs – ECOFIN
and was head of the council of the Eurogroup.

One European official is reported as saying he had two faults – he had an opinion and he expressed it. His outspokenness it has been claimed may have cost him the post of President of the European Council in 2009.