New documents increase pressure on Spain's PM

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New documents increase pressure on Spain's PM

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Allegations focusing on Spain’s ruling Popular Party have taken a new turn. Claims Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy when a government minister and other top politicians received illicit payments have appeared in fresh documents.

Spain’s second largest daily newspaper El Mundo which has played a key role in uncovering other scandals has published what it says are original ledger entries handwritten by a former party treasurer.

The opposition has reacted to the documents which claim Rajoy received payments over a period of three years.

Elena Valenciano, Deputy Secretary General of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party reacted to the latest twist. “If he received illegal money when a minister and lied as Prime Minister he cannot be at the head of the Government of Spain. So we ask the Prime Minister and his Government to tell the truth and we the Socialist Party think that if he cannot be truthful then he has to resign.”

El Mundo reported the ledger entries showed Mariano Rajoy received two payments of 12,600 euros in 1988. The Popular party said it did not recognise the content as accounts of their organisation. The prime minister has already denied any part when he spoke in February.

“It is false. Never, I repeat, I have never neither received nor distributed under-the-table money in this party or anywhere else,” he said.

The latest revelations come after former party treasurer Luis Barcenas was held in custody in a separate high-profile corruption case. He is accused of tax fraud and receiving illegal payments.

It is alleged it is his handwriting in the ledger published by El Mundo. The newspaper says it has delivered the documents to the High Court.

The growing scandal has angered Spaniards who are suffering a deep recession.