A new music direction for Boxer Rebellion

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A new music direction for Boxer Rebellion

A new music direction for Boxer Rebellion
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Indie rock group Boxer Rebellion are back with their new album ‘Promises’.

The band recently decided to take their music in a new direction. They said their new material was shaped by transforming their London rehearsal space into a recording studio, and having access to it 24/7.

Lead singer Nathan Nicholson explained: “I think we took a lot more things on board this time. Such as we wanted songs that would translate better live. Or in a more upbeat way, so we didn’t have lulls in the set as much, so it was just more upbeat, more positive.”

Boxer Rebellion is made up of Tennessee-native Nathan, Australian Todd, and Englishmen Adam and Piers.

They left their day jobs back in 2009, and pride themselves on being completely in charge of their creativity, working in partnership with their management.

Drummer Piers Hewitt said: “We wrote very differently actually, less bringing bones in and working on those, we literally just started with nothing an awful lot of the time, it was quite fun and challenging all at the same time, so very different actually. “

The group are currently touring Europe

They recently played as one of the warm up acts for The Rolling Stones at London’s Hyde Park.

Their album Promises is out now.

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