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Syrian opposition offers a Ramadan truce for the besieged city of Homs

08/07/13 02:35 CET

The Syrian city of Homs is said to be facing a ferocious ground and air onslaught by Hezbollah-backed troops and militia loyal to President Bashar al.Assad.

With Ramadan about to begin, the new president of the opposition Syrian National Coalition Ahmad Jarba has offered a truce for the besieged city during the Muslim holy month.

Meanwhile according to Syrian state television the authorities have discovered numerous barrels of dangerous chemicals on a farm in Banias. The report claimed the farm was being used by rebel fighters.

And the Syrian Army has uncovered a tunnel near an electric power station on the outskirts of Damascus.

Regime troops claim to have followed the 500m pathway right back a to a previously secret rebel stronghold from where the opposition fighters had been able to launch attacks on the capital.

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