Well-wishers continue vigil outside Mandela's hospital

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Well-wishers continue vigil outside Mandela's hospital

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Young and old continue to keep a vigil for Nelson Mandela outside his hospital in Pretoria. Hundreds of balloons were released as well-wishers continued to sing and pray for the anti-apartheid hero.

The South African president, Jacob Zuma, has denied Mandela is in a vegetative state and says the former leader is “critical but stable”.

One woman praying for Mandela said she was against the idea of him being on a life support machine: “To me it’s not fair because that is why I say I don’t believe in those machines, I believe that God is the one who holds Mandela’s life because he is the creator of us.”

The 94-year-old is now entering his fourth week in hospital being treated for a lung infection.

While Mandela lies in hospital, a bitter feud over grave sites has divided his family