Syrian opposition appeal for western intervention in Homs

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Syrian opposition appeal for western intervention in Homs

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There has been more heavy bombing in the city of Homs in Syria. Amateur videos put online by activists appear to show government shelling of rebel held areas.

Rebels say that Assad’s forces have been bombarding Homs for five straight days and there are heavy clashes on the ground.

The Syrian National Coalition has appealed to the United Nations and Western countries “to intervene immediately’‘ and provide food and medicine, saying the situation is deteriorating rapidly.

Syrian National Coalition member, Ahmed Marwan, said: “The regime has been bombing Homs for a few days and we really are scared for people there. The civilians there receive a lot of rockets every day, we are not sure about that, we think chemical weapons have been used. So really, we are very concerned about it.”

The appeal comes as Syrian opposition figures meet in Istanbul to elect a new leadership.The opposition say the fall of Homs to regime forces could mean the end of any hope of a political solution to the war.