Mursi supporters challenge generals

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Mursi supporters challenge generals

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The Muslim Brotherhood believe what they call a military coup is a signal Egypt is turning into a police state. At a press conference their spokesman Gehad El-Haddad issued a warning to the generals.

“We put full responsibility on every person that participated in that coup and empowered it to happen and we put responsibility on them – on anything, any harm happening to the person of the presidency, to the legitimacy of the nation, to Dr. Mohamed Mursi,” he said.

Near Cairo university tension remained high as supporters of the ousted president who took power in a free election one year ago vowed to remain and continue their sit in. They were surrounded by a heavy military and police presence.

“I am not affiliated to any political party. I am out here to defend President Mursi’s legitimacy,” said one protester.

In the coastal city of Alexandria and in Ismalia thousands took to the streets calling for the return to power of the ousted president, saying they are willing to sacrifice themselves in the process.

Mursi is in detention, as well as senior figures of the Muslim Brotherhood.