Egypt: President of Supreme Court sworn in as interim leader

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Egypt: President of Supreme Court sworn in as interim leader

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Chief Justice Adly Mansour, the President of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court, has been sworn in as the country’s leader – following the removal of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi by the military on Wednesday.

Mansour said fresh parliamentary and presidential elections would be held, but gave no date. To supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist group, allies of Mursi, Mansour promised that they will play a part in the future of the country despite the fact that Mursi himself was overthrown. Mansour said the Muslim Brotherhood were “part of the people” and that they were welcome to “build the nation”.

Mursi’s supporters vow to defy ‘military coup’

The new leader also praised the mass street protests that led to Mursi’s overthrow, saying Egypt had “corrected the path of its glorious revolution!”

The armed forces removed Mursi from power on Wednesday night and suspended the constitution – just over a year after he was elected in Egypt’s first ballot of the post-Hosni Mubarak era.

Egypt’s army takes control but denies ‘military coup’

Millions have been celebrating across Egypt in the hours since Mursi, seen by many as a divisive leader, was removed.

Mursi’s critics accused him of trying to turn Egypt into an authoritarian, religious state, while failing to tackle the country’s economic problems.