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Bolivian fury as president diverted amid Snowden suspicions
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Bolivia is in a state of outrage after the plane carrying President Evo Morales was diverted to Vienna amid suspicions that US surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden was on board.

The presidential plane was carrying the Bolivian entourage home after a visit to Russia.

France and Portugal are reported to have refused access for the plane to cross their airspace.

The Bolivian Defence Minister Ruben Saavreda, also on board the flight, launched a scathing attack on the United States and European authorities:

“We categorically reject this story, we denounce the lies, the plot by the US government, with the aim of harming the image of the Bolivian government and harming the image and leadership of president Evo Morales.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, also in Russia, criticised the action.

Austrian authorities say Snowden was not on the aircraft.

Snowden is believed to be holed up at a airport in Moscow and is wanted by the US on charges of leaking secrets he obtained while working for the CIA and National Security Agency.

Who will grant Snowden asylum?

AustriaNO Says it can only grant asylum if request is made when on Austrian territory
Bolivia – ? Bolivia say it did not receive Snowden’s application but it would be open to discussions
BrazilNO Officials have announced they will not grant his request, they will leave it unanswered.
China – ? Officials say they have no information on Snowden’s request
Cuba – ?
EcuadorNO The president has said Ecuador is not considering the request, as it was made outside Ecuadorean territory
FinlandNO Says it can only grant asylum if request is made when on Finnish territory
FranceUNLIKELY. President Hollande says he wants a common EU-wide position
GermanyNO After studying the “legal viability” of the request they rejected the application
Iceland – ?

IndiaNO India’s foreign ministry says it “sees no reason to accept” Snowden’s request
Italy – ? Says no official request received yet
IrelandNO Says legally impossible as Snowden is not on Irish territory
NetherlandsUNLIKELY. Says it can only grant asylum if request is made when on Dutch territory
Nicaragua – ?
Norway UNLIKELY. Says it can only grant asylum if request is made when on Norwegian territory
PolandNO Request rejected
RussiaNO Snowden withdrew the request himself
SpainNO Says legally impossible as Snowden is not on Spanish territory
SwitzerlandUNLIKELY. Says it has not yet received an asylum request and that it can only grant asylum if request is made on Swiss territory.
VenezuelaPOSSIBLY. President Maduro says Snowden “needs the world’s protection:”

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