Spain's unemployment down, but only through summer jobs

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Spain's unemployment down, but only through summer jobs

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The number of people registered as unemployed in Spain fell in June due to hiring for summer tourism related jobs, but a deeper look at the numbers reveals a grimmer picture.

The total was down by 2.6 percent from the previous month. That is 127,000 fewer people on the jobless rolls.

But there are still 4.76 million Spaniards out of work, including over half of all 18 to 25 year olds.

Spain’s June figures were not seasonally adjusted and reflect holiday hires by hotels and restaurants as well as for harvesting fruit and vegetables.

Taking into account seasonal variations, the number of registered unemployed people edged higher and was up by almost 1,000 from the previous month.

As one unemployed teacher outside a Madrid job centre pointed out: “For young people the situation is very demoralising. They get ready to work, they study and then they end up queuing here at the job centre. I’m not very optimistic in the short term.”

European youth unemployment is the focus of a political summit in Berlin this week.

Led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the gathering will look at how best to spend the eight billion euro fund dedicated to reducing the high levels of youth unemployment in the 28 member European Union.

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