Obama leaves Africa

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Obama leaves Africa

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There were fond farewells for President Barack Obama at Dar es Salaam airport as the curtain came down on the president’s three-nation African tour. Marching bands played as Obama and his wife boarded Air Force One but for how long will the echoes of his week long trip to the continent last?

At the weekend he announced his seven billion dollar Power Africa initiative to shine “light where currently there’s darkness” in Africa by doubling access to power on the world’s poorest continent.

Before leaving Tanzania he stood side-by-side with his predecessor George W. Bush to remember victims of the al Qaeda bombing of the US Embassy 15 years ago.

The former president is highly regarded in many parts of Africa because of his legacy of support. Some commentators have accused Barack Obama of not doing much for the continent, despite his Kenyan heritage.

It was at the start of August 1989 when the bombers struck in Dar es Salaam.
Eleven people were killed and 85 wounded in the al-Qaeda attack, which coincided with a bombing in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, which left hundreds dead.