Hungary incurs the wrath of MEPs yet again

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Hungary incurs the wrath of MEPs yet again

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MEPs have again hit out at Hungary’s recent constitutional reforms, calling them undemocratic.

Portugal’s Rui Tavares, the Green MEP behind a report on Hungary, says they are incompatible with EU values.

“Not only the the base and the scoop of the changes were unusual, but the general trend is the trend of concentrating power towards the majority and the government,” he told the chamber in Strasbourg.

Reforms including changing the rules on media ownership, limiting the power of the country’s top court, and making homelessness a crime.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the allegations were mistaken, unfair and biased, telling MEPs.

“This report is deeply unjust against Hungary and the people of Hungary. It applies blatant double standards. It doesn’t recognise, it even downplays the tremendous work that Hungarians have done to renew their country,” he said.

The text will call on the parliament’s political leaders to consider calling for Hungary’s EU voting rights to be suspended.

MEPs will vote on the report on Wednesday.