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From Russia with love, Snowden breaks silence in letter to Ecuador


From Russia with love, Snowden breaks silence in letter to Ecuador

Breaking his silence, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has accused the US of persecution and thanks Ecuador for his safe passage to Russia.

In a letter to the South American country he blasted President Obama for pressuring world leaders to block his asylum application. He also makes clear he will continue releasing information “that serves the public interest”.

Snowden has embarrassed Obama’s administration with leaks about spying programmes the US was running at home and abroad.

The correspondence comes as a WikiLeaks activist traveling with Snowden handed an asylum application to the Russian consulate at the Moscow airport eight days after he arrived.

Without a passport, Snowden’s fate is in the hands of the Kremlin as Ecuador remains reticent to accept him. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he could stay only under the condition that he ceases publication of leaks which he said harmed ‘their American partners’. American and Russian security services are said to be thrashing out a deal to please both sides.

In the letter Snowden admitted his days may be numbered, but vowed to continue his fight for justice.


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