French minister sacked for criticising spending cuts

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French minister sacked for criticising spending cuts

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France’s environment minister, Delphine Batho, is out of a job after slating government budget cuts on national television.

She criticised the 7 percent reduction to the environment ministry budget, the largest of any department and questioned the government’s green credentials.

Ms Batho was summoned by text to meet the prime minister after her outburst.

The sacking of the Socialist minister highlights the tensions inside the coalition between Socialists and Greens:

Green party politician, Jean-Vincent Place, threw doubt on whether the Greens could continue in the government, saying: “What does this mean? Frankly, if this means that those who are in favour of environmental projects must leave and stop talking, maybe we (the Greens) will leave.”

The move is designed to show that President Hollande will not put up with dissent from his ministers.

Total public spending cuts are expected to reach 14 billion euros in both 2014 and 2015.