Egypt: government resignations and fresh protests

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Egypt: government resignations and fresh protests

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Thousands of Egyptians are preparing for fresh demonstrations, there have been several high profile resignations and the clock is ticking on an ultimatum from the army, but Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi has refused to budge.

The opposition has said it does not want a military coup.

The United Nations human rights office has called on the president to listen to the demands of the people. It also said the role of the military is crucial and that, “nothing should be done that would undermine the democratic processes”.

Protester Ahmed Esssawsaid he believed the statement in which the head of the armed forces asked President Mursi to agree on a common platform with liberal rivals had invigorated the demonstrators:

“The army’s statement has reassured people, and people feel that the army is with them and that the revolution is still strong. It has lifted everyone,” said Esssawy.

Another demonstrator, Mohammad Hasan, added: “All ministers in his government should resign or pull out from this government. Nobody is forcing them to stay in the government in any case. We are looking for Hesham Kandil the prime minister and his ministers to go after that Morsi will be alone.”

Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr is reportedly the latest high profile government official to submit his resignation. It is believed at least another five ministers have left.

The country’s top appeals court has upheld a decision to dismiss public prosecutor Talaat Abdallah, who was accused of bias towards the Islamist government.