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Monsters V robots in Hellboy's director Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim


Monsters V robots in Hellboy's director Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro, who directed Hellboy and the Oscar-winning Pan’s Labyrinth, promises a new level of monsters and robots in his upcoming apocalyptic film Pacific Rim.

When alien creatures from the sea threaten Earth’s existence, man fights back by creating and piloting gigantic robots.

Del Toro explained how they work: “‘Pacific Rim’ is a huge adventure movie with giant robots and giant monsters. And the robots are piloted by two pilots, which are located in the head of the robot, inside. One pilot controls the right hemisphere. The other pilot controls the left hemisphere. And, together, they need to bond into a single mind, into a single fighter, to fight the monsters. And there are huge odds: 250-feet tall, and enormous mass. They are like walking buildings.”

The Mexican director said watching Japanese animation as a child got him hooked on robots: “There was, particularly, one robotic cartoon, a character called, ‘Tetsujin 28,’ which, in America is called, ‘The Iron Man’ — not the Marvel one, but the other one. And this one is about a robot and a kid that controls that robot. I was so immersed in that world that whenever I had a fever, my fever image, when I reached over 40 degrees centigrade, it was Tetsujin flying towards my eyes. And it was … I would wake up. So, I have giant robots imprinted.”

Pacific Rim opens in the UK later this month.

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