Vigils continue for Madiba

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Vigils continue for Madiba

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Concerned South Africans have maintained their vigil outside the hospital in Pretoria where Nelson Mandela is said to be in a stable, but critical condition.

The former president’s ex-wife Winnie said the 94-year-old appeared to be doing much better.

The fragile health of the revered leader has drawn both global and local attention.

Mather Mora, who was also imprisoned on Robben Island, was among those paying tribute: “We were together on Robben Island sharing the yolk of oppression in this country. I recognise him as my father, because I grew up without a father. And he is an icon, he is the leader, he is the visionary.”

As Madiba fights for his life a dispute between his family members over his final resting place has been settled in court.

Mandela’s eldest daughter and other family members won a case against his grandson Mandla to allow Mandela to be buried at his ancestral home of Qunu, 700 kilometres south of Johannesburg.