Mercury rising, US heatwave could beat 1913 record

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Mercury rising, US heatwave could beat 1913 record

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Death Valley in California certainly lived up to its name as temperatures climbed up to 50 degrees celsius. The US is experiencing a heat wave which could beat the highest temperature recorded in the Californian desert of 57 degrees.

“Don’t become a Death Valley victim” warned national park authorities, urging people to stay out of the sun.

“I just try to follow the sun as it goes and adjust my exposure to try to stay out of the heat. You don’t want no heat stroke or anything like that,” explained Traffic coordinator, Kevin Hubbard.

In Las Vegas thirty people were rushed to hospital after suffering from the effects of the scorching heat at a music festival.

In Pasadena, Californians kept cool in the pool.

“You see the lifeguards just jumping in because they need to cool off. Yeah, it gets really hot,” admitted swimming lesson coordinator Jessica Diaz.

The heatwave, brought on by a high pressure system resulting from a shift in the jet stream, is expected to pass by Tuesday.