Bloody clashes in Egypt ahead of mass rallies on Sunday

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Bloody clashes in Egypt ahead of mass rallies on Sunday

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Clashes between supporters and opponents of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi have left one man dead in Alexandria. Health officials are reporting at least seventy wounded.

The incident took place during an anti-Morsi march. A Reuters reporter saw a dozen men break off from the group to throw stones at the local office of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

It has not been established whether the victim was for or against the president.

In the capital Cairo, the famous Tahrir square was once again filled with protesters who rallied ahead of massive demos scheduled for Sunday. The date marks the one year anniversary of Morsi taking power. They are calling for his resignation.

These early demos are a test of how peaceful they will remain over the weekend. Religious leaders are warning of a potential ‘civil war’, saying a member of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood was shot dead overnight.

The army said it would intervene if the situation gets out of control.