Anti-US reprisal in Snowden case

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Anti-US reprisal in Snowden case

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Fugitive Edward Snowden is raising the heat in already prickly relations between the US and Russia, China and Ecuador.

As Russia rejected US calls to expel Snowden from Moscow, China defended its handling of the case.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chun Ying said, referring to the United States:
“We hope a certain country can stop irresponsible attacks and accusations against China, start with themselves and take practical action to strengthen mutual trust and cooperation, and jointly safeguard peace and security in cyber space.”

Ecuador, too, said the US was acting hypocritically.

“In the face of this blackmail, do not threaten us, US government, with removing the preferential tariffs, we unilaterally and irrevocably waive them, you can keep them,” said President Rafael Correa.

Meanwhile, Snowden’s father has told a US television show that he believes his son will return to the US if certain conditions are met, such as not detaining him before trial.