Protesters scorn Egypt president's offer of reconciliation

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Protesters scorn Egypt president's offer of reconciliation

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Protesters in Tahrir Square have reacted angrily to attempts by Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi to head off a violent showdown on the streets this weekend.

In a two-hour televised speech he admitted some mistakes and offered opponents a say in amending the controversial new constitution, but for many it was not enough.

“He did not do anything for Egyptians. Egypt has been destroyed and broken. We have gone backwards and the country is divided,” said a protester.

In a more defiant tone Mursi warned that the continuing unrest was paralysing the country and he accused those he saw as conspiring against him of trying to “sabotage” democracy.

Once again this was not well received by protesters.

“This speech was supposed to calm the people, not to pitch them against one another.”

Shortly after the televised address to the nation there were reports that the Cairo headquarters of Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood was attacked.