Egypt: clashes in Nile Delta, Cairo on alert

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Egypt: clashes in Nile Delta, Cairo on alert

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At least one person has been killed and scores injured in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura in Egypt – during clashes between supporters and opponents of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi

The violence took place in the lead-up to nation-wide demonstrations planned for June 30, which marks a year since Mursi’s election. The President’s critics accuse him of establishing a religious, totalitarian state.

There is a strong security presence on the streets of Cairo and residents of the capital are braced for unrest.

One told euronews: “Egyptian people will come out into the streets to call for an end to this regression and division that’s come about since the revolution – and also to rally against the intellectual and religious extremism we’ve been facing.”

Two years and a half years since the revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak, some observers fear Egypt may erupt again.

Euronews’ Mohammed Shaikhibrahim reported from Cairo: “A atmosphere of tense anticipation and caution prevails on the streets, as the countdown begins to demonstrations aimed at bringing down the system. There’s tight security in place around vital government buildings.”