US angry at governments protecting fugitive whistleblower

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US angry at governments protecting fugitive whistleblower

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While the hunt for the man accused of leaking US spying operations goes on, Washington is furious at the governments who have played a role in enabling Edward Snowden to remain one step ahead.

American officials have directed unspecified threats at the Chinese territory of Hong Kong,who let Snowden slip away to Moscow over a legal technicality.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said: “We are just not buying that this was a technical decision by a Hong Kong immigration official. This was a deliberate choice by the government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant, and that decision unquestionably has a negative impact on the US-China relationship.”

Carney indicated that the US was increasing pressure on Moscow to hand over the fugitive who is still believed to be there.

“We are in conversations and we are working with them or discussing with them (the Russians), or rather, expecting them to look at the options available to them to expel Mr Snowden back to the United States to face justice for the crimes with which he is charged,” he said.

Snowden has requested asylum in Ecuador, whose President Rafael Correa refuses to be cowed by US pressure and announced on his Twitter page that his government will give serious consideration to the request.