Hi-Ho! The Lone Ranger rides again

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Hi-Ho! The Lone Ranger rides again

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Johnny Depp’s latest movie The Lone Ranger has premiered at Disneyland.

Depp plays Native American Tonto to Armie Hammer’s Lone Ranger, a former Texas Ranger who became an outlaw and symbol of justice.

Pirates of the Caribbean masterminds Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer helmed the project as director and producer, respectively.

A month before the Disneyland screening, the film was shown in Lawton, Oklahoma, capital of the Comanche Nation.

Depp said: “It was an incredibly touching and warm moment that we received from the Comanche Nation and several other nations where we show them the film, well before anyone because we made the film for them and in honour of them, we thought it would be best and the right thing to do is let’s take it to them.”

American Indian actor Saginaw Grant plays Chief Big Bear. Did he think Tonto should have been played by an American Indian, rather than Johnny Depp?

“There’s not another person whether it be native or Caucasian that has the draw that he has. He can draw a lot of people just by his past appearances,” he said.

The Lone Ranger opens in the UK in August.

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