Walking through air across the Grand Canyon

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Walking through air across the Grand Canyon

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Four hundred and fifty seven metres above the Little Colorado River while balancing on a five centimetre steel cable Nik Wallenda was heard calling on divine help.

“Praise ye God, praise ye Jesus,” Wallenda said as he shared his daredevil walk with viewers in over 200 countries around the world through cameras rigged to his body.

His running commentary caught the precarious nature of his feat, a 426 metre walk, which took him 22 minutes and 54 seconds with the help of a balancing pole weighing 20 kilograms.

Wallenda became the first man to complete the stunt over the gorge near the Grand Canyon, which he said was made more difficult because of gusts of wind that moved the cable.

The 34-year-old, who comes from a long line of high wire artists, jogged and hopped to the end of the crossing before kissing the ground.

Wallenda’s great-grandfather slipped and fell to his death from a high wire in Puerto Rico in 1978.