'Best job in the World' winners announced

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'Best job in the World' winners announced

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Tourism Australia has announced the six lucky winners of its ‘Best Job in the World’ competition, an annual event that awards six well-paid dream jobs to applicants from all over the world.

The idea is the winners will promote the attractions of the country, and Tourism Australia says this has been its most successful campaign ever.

Canada’s Greg Snell will now be South Australia’s ‘Wildlife Caretaker’ for six months.

“I’ll do everything from swimming with sea lions to diving with great white sharks, to the conservation and sustainable development of the seal colonies on Kangaroo Island, to playing with koalas and waking up kangaroos. The world is going to experience the best tourism opportunities in South Australia through my eyes,” he said.

Three hundred and thirty thousand people applied for the jobs, whittled down to an 18-strong shortlist in April. The finalists were then set a number of challenges, ranging from climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge to training with an Aussie rules football team.

“I am going to be the best park ranger in Queensland. I will make the entire world dream about this, to get the greatest number of people to come to Queensland, to bring to life exceptional things that I will experience myself,” said French winner Elisa Detrez.

Student Travel Australia reports a 100 percent increase in ticket sales to Australia in the USA, a 60 percent rise in Germany, and 20 percent in the UK, so the commercial benefits of the scheme are already being felt.