Greek coalition to resume crisis talks over state broadcaster

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Greek coalition to resume crisis talks over state broadcaster

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Greece’s ruling coalition has so far failed to end a political crisis triggered by the closure of state broadcaster ERT, but will continue talks later today.

With Prime Minister Antonis Samaras at odds with the Socialist Pasok and Democratic Left parties, snap election remains a possibility.

After a court ruling ordering the TV station back on air, the parties must agree on what form that will take.

Reporting for euronews in Athens, Stamatis Giannisis said: “This was the second in a row fruitless meeting between the coalition leaders. Although it did not produce a clear result, it clearly demonstrated that the major problem among the government partners is not just the future of the public broadcaster, but the future of the coalition itself.”

Samaras pulled the plug on ERT last week giving no notice to its 2,700 employees. The move was to satisfy Greece’s international lenders who want a reduction in public sector jobs.

Few anticipate the politicians will risk gambling the country’s vital bailout programme by failing to reach a deal even if it re-employs only a fraction of the sacked television workers.