Turkey standoff as silent protests sweep the country

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Turkey standoff as silent protests sweep the country

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Seeing red, activists in Ankara inspired by the ‘standing man’ in Istanbul are continuing their anti-government protest, now heading towards a third week.

Riot police arrested more than 80 people as the silent protest of a lone man in Istanbul took social media by storm inspiring copycat demos across the country.

The new form of hashtag protests were invented to sidestep a crackdown on public gatherings.

The demonstrations which turned violent on May 31 have left four people dead. In Ankara a candlelit vigil for one of those killed has stirred one man to hunger strike.

“I do not know when it will happen but my aim is to punish those who are responsible. I want to show everybody that our protest is bringing results and we will win,” explained hunger striker Galip Firat.

The standoff which began as a small environmental protest has snowballed into the biggest challenge to Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ten-year-rule, and shows little sign of waning.