Protests continue to rock Brazil

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Protests continue to rock Brazil

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Around 50,000 flooded the streets of Sao Paulo for another night of protests in Brazil.

Demonstrators took to the streets in some of the largest protests in 20 years over poor public services and the escalating cost of hosting international sporting competitions like the World Cup 2014.

President Dilma Rousseff said she was open to social change, but her words may be falling on deaf ears. One protester explained why they had joined the mass demos:

“It is against the corrupt Brazil that we are living in – health, unemployment, education, everything. Everything’s wrong.”

Another explained, “it’s the fury of an irritated Brazil with this damn corrupt stealing government.”

Riot police struggled to contain the situation in Brazil’s largest city. Shops and banks were vandalised and twenty were arrested for looting.

In an effort to calm the trouble, some city officials vowed to lower bus fares, the subject of the original protests.

The Justice Ministry said it would send extra troops to cities hosting the FIFA confederations cup which kicked off on Saturday.