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Istanbul: memorials and vigils honour anti-government protesters


Istanbul: memorials and vigils honour anti-government protesters

In Istanbul’s Galata Square, just a kilometre from Taksim Square, a group of residents gathered to leave pairs of shoes – memorials to those who suffered during weeks of anti-government protests this month.

Four people died during the unrest, which was characterised by fierce demonstrations and clashes with police using water cannon and tear gas. Thousands of people were injured.

Fashion designer Barbaros Sansal, one of the organisers of the event, explained: “Dead people, injured people, arrested people, questioned people. Therefore designers, fashionistas, couturiers, we decided with our population, with the people who live here, come here and leave shoes with our written wishes in it.”

A silent, standing protest was held in Taksim Square, next to Gezi Park where the initial demonstrations began – one of several such vigils held in Turkish cities this week.


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