Child slaughter in Syria as the innocent educate world leaders

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Child slaughter in Syria as the innocent educate world leaders

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As World Refugee Day looms, hundreds of Syrian children forced to flee the fighting in their country have decorated kites with messages for world leaders.

At the Zaatari camp in Jordan, currently home to 178,000 people, children scarred by the violence, turmoil and insecurity handed those in power a slice of reality.

Marah Ismael a refugee from Hirak said: “The message I want to send to world leaders is children are being slaughtered before our eyes. I’ve seen my friends killed in front of me, this is forbidden.”

World Refugee Day was established by the United Nations to honour those forced to leave their homes as a result of persecution, conflict and violence.

Conflict in Syria: the brutal and complex situation on the ground

Ibrahim Ahmed from Daraa in Syria appealed to the Arab world: “Save us Arab leaders. I want to go back to Syria because I don’t want to be a refugee.”

The fighting in the country looks set to intensify as pro-Assad Hezebollah fighters are deploying at the frontier with Jordan as they plot to retake the southern Darra province.

Jordan has beefed up border security with Syria as a result.