More ID row protests in Bosnia as baby victim is buried

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More ID row protests in Bosnia as baby victim is buried

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Bosnians say they will continue to protest over the case of a baby girl who died after political and bureaucratic wrangling led to crucial delays in potentially life-saving treatment.

Three-month-old Berina Hamidovic needed to travel to Serbia for surgery but had no passport. Her parents also said Bosnian health authorities refused to cover the cost.

“We’ll be coming here until this situation is resolved, peacefully, and we hope that some higher force will help us to solve this problem,” said a protester outside parliament in Sarajevo.

“They have let us down. The state has failed us. We’ve been giving them full support, we pay them, and we pay them to be there for us when we need them. But they have been letting us down in most difficult times,” added a second woman.

Berina had a hole near her windpipe. An operation in Bosnia was unsuccessful; by the time her parents did get her past border police and reach Belgrade she had contracted an infection that proved fatal.

Even before she died there had been protests over thousands of newborn babies denied passports and medical cards – because politicians – divided along ethnic lines – could not agree on a system for issuing ID numbers.