Web review : Iran Election Special

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Web review : Iran Election Special

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  • June 17th is Ken Loach’s birthday. Born in a working class family, social issues have been a main theme in his work since the beginning, most of the time inciting controversy such as his Palme d’Or award-winning movie “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” (2006). You can check out his Youtube Channel to catch a glimpse of his new project, a documentary called “The Spirit of ‘45”
    Ken Loach youtube Channel
  • Rouhani’s election over the weekend led to several reactions all over the world, but you may want to take a look first at reactions within the country itself. This article compiles the outpourings of joy displayed on Saturday evening all over Iran.
    France 24
  • Swimming against the tide, Israel is not congratulating the newly elected president, but is instead reminding the international community that they should continue lobbying Iran’s nuclear programme, and not give in to the moderate appearence of Hassan Rouhani.
  • In this article published on Aljazeera’s website, Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann-Leverett, professors on international relations and authors of a book on the Islamic republic, tackle the western view on Iran, including the belief that elections are rigged and the widespread consensus that the regime is illegitimate.
  • Finally, contrasting with the sheer joy displayed in Tehran on Saturday night, the Los Angeles Times gathered reactions of the biggest Iranian community outside the motherland, in L.A, which are much more moderate.