Iran vows transparency on nuclear programme

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Iran vows transparency on nuclear programme

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Iran’s new president Hassan Rohani has vowed more transparency over its nuclear programme but neighbouring Israel is not convinced.

“The Iranian election clearly reflects deep disaffection of the Iranian people with its regime. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the power to change Iran’s nuclear ambitions which are determined and guided not by the president but by the supreme ruler Ayatollah Khamenei,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The European Union has also reacted to the new political landscape in Iran, with the EU’s foreign policy chief hoping for a swift diplomatic solution on the nuclear issue.

“I will continue with my work to urge Iran to work closely with me and with the E3 plus 3 to build confidence in the nature of a nuclear programme,” said EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton.

Rohani will be hoping to ease economic sanctions placed on his country due to its enrichment of uranium. Western powers fear the programme could enrich uranium to nuclear weapons-grade material.