Grand Prix Judo floors Miami

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Grand Prix Judo floors Miami

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The Russians dominated the men’s 66kg category at the Judo Grand Prix in Miami.

Abdula Abdulzalilov took on Yakub Shamilov.

Abdulzalilov claimed the win beating his teammate with a mune-gatame.

In 73kg class, Belgian Dirk van Tichelt came from behind to defeat Mikos Ungvari, silver medal winner at the London Olympics. Ungvari looked in control early on, but the Belgian threw the Hungarian for an impressive ippon.

In the women’s event the 63kg crown went to the French woman Clarisse Abegnenou the European champion is the form fighter and dispatched Tanaka Miki from Japan.

The European champion in the 48kg class Eva Csernoviczki prevailed, she defeated the Brazilian Nathalia Brigida in the final.