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Egyptians react to Mursi decision to cut ties with Syria


Egyptians react to Mursi decision to cut ties with Syria

In Egypt, newspapers are dominated by reports of the president cutting diplomatic ties with Syria.

Mohammed Mursi’s government has hardened its stance against the Assad regime, saying the Syrian people are facing ethnic cleansing, and calling for Hezbollah to withdraw.

On the streets of Cairo there were mixed views on the president’s decision.

One local resident said: “The decision to close the Embassy (the Syrian Embassy in Cairo) is a great decision, it shows the Syrian people (who oppose Assad) that we are supporting them.”

However a Syrian man living in Cairo disagreed: “The decision to close the Syrian Embassy is a crime towards the Syrian people because that way President Mursi is murdering the Syrian people, he is not helping them.”

Egypt has shut down the Syrian embassy in Cairo and withdrawn its diplomatic staff from Damascus. Mursi has also called for a no-fly zone over Syria. Western diplomats say they are considering a limited zone over parts of the country.


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