Greece's ERT stays on air despite plug pulled

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Greece's ERT stays on air despite plug pulled

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Journalists at Greek broadcaster ERT have become their own story – with their news programming centered around the controversial closure of the channel.

Although the plug has been pulled in Greece, ERT continues to be transmitted via satellite. Employees have been working around the clock.

Director of Technical Services Nikos Michalitsis told euronews: “All our colleagues, even those who were away on holiday, are back. They’re all here, full time”.

Technicians told euronews they were committed to trying to reverse the government’s decision to take the channel off air.

Christos Doukas, an ERT employee for 25 years, said its role as a news provider to Greeks living outside their home country was vital:

“We’ve lost contact with Greeks abroad. This has made me feel very emotional, but gives me the strength to carry on,” Doukas said.

Euronews’ Nikoletta Kritikou reported from Athens: “Journalists and technical staff are continuing to work day and night, determined to stand their ground until the broadcaster re-opens.”