Web review: strikes, Ban Ki-moon and Anonymous

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Web review: strikes, Ban Ki-moon and Anonymous

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  • June 13 is Ban Ki-moon’s birthday. The 8th and current Secretary General of the United Nations is pursuing his second term in office, which will end at the end of 2016. He recently expressed concerns about the Blue Berets’ operation in Mali.
    Ban Ki-moon
  • Why do the French strike so much? Three years ago asked that very question, but it remains very relevant regarding the French air traffic control strike, which has paralysed the majority of air traffic since yesterday.
  • What will your great-great-great-great-great-great grand children look like? That’s a question visual artist Nickolay Lamm has considered…
  • Anonymous strikes again. This time, they have targeted the Turkish TV watchdog after it issued fines against local TV stations who broadcast the Taksim Square protests.
  • Facebook’s makes an exception in its online “nudity” policy in order to allow promotional material for breast cancer support.
    Chicago tribune