Toyota plans to get them hooked young

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Toyota plans to get them hooked young

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Cars for kids is the latest idea from Toyota. Thinking of how to create future drivers in the face of falling sales in Japan, the world’s biggest carmaker unveiled its latest concept at the Tokyo International Toy Show.

The electric car kit is aimed at children aged 10 years and up, with two seats in the back to ferry parents around.

It is called a ‘Camatte’ which in Japanese means “Get me involved” or “Care for me”.

The head of the development team Tsuji Kenji explained: “We have to figure out how to involve children with cars and make them fans of cars in this mature ales market by making interaction with the car fun. Cars are all about fun and we want to put this out there and see where it goes.”

As well as a customisable body with interchangeable panels, the car has an emergency brake located in the back which can be operated by a parent passenger. They can also limit the vehicle’s speed, setting it at five,10, 20 or 30 kilometres per hour. The top speed is 40 kph.

Toyota has no plans to put them on sale at this time, and said they are not intended for use on public roads.

Car sales have been on a downward trend in Japan and domestic passenger car sales are forecast to drop by about 13 percent in 2013, according to the Japan Automobile Manufacturer’s Association.