No compromise over Gezi park on the horizon in Turkey

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No compromise over Gezi park on the horizon in Turkey

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There’s a feeling in Turkey that some sort of endgame is being approached in the stand-off between Prime Minister Erdogan and the park protesters in Istanbul.

The Gezi park pioneers saw their protest spread across the country. They have now retreated from the adjacent Taksim Square, which is being cleaned up. Erdogan wants the park to be next.

“Nobody can invade the park. Therefore we have been patient till now but now patience is running out. This is my final warning. I am calling on mothers and fathers, please do something about your children,” said Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

There are few signs, however, that the protesters are ready to compromise, and most seem ready to dismiss Erdogan’s attempt on Wednesday to talk to their so-called representatives.

“What the PM said are his own truths. Our truths are to sit in this park. We will use our democratic rights. When they force us to leave the park we will face the results. Everybody is thinking like this,” said one protester.

“If they attack us, we will go in the other streets. If they force us to leave we will go in another district, then in another. Istanbul is never ending. We are always here,” said another.

However the solidarity camp that was set up in Ankara’s Kugulu park is being taken down and the occupiers expelled. In the capital patience appears to have run out already.