Gezi park protesters pessimistic about outcome

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Gezi park protesters pessimistic about outcome

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How has the Turkish prime minister’s good cop/bad cop stance, talking to representatives of the Gezi park protesters, then warning they will be out in 24 hours, gone down among the tented activists?

Not very well, it seems. Few seem to believe anything but confrontation awaits them in the coming hours, even if all appears quiet this morning.

“Eventually, they’ll enter the park. They say they won’t and the governor says there won’t be any interference, then the prime minister says, ‘We have given them 24 hours to leave then we’ll give them a taste of their own medicine’. These are threatening words. I think, they are lying. They will attack us. They did enter here the other day as well although they had said they wouldn’t,” said one masked young man.

“First of all, if Gezi Park is to be evacuated, the government and police should go first. Secondly, regarding the referendum, who are the actual people the prime minister should talk to? To us, one of our celebrity supporters, or someone else? He wants to talk to people who are not related to these events at all,” said another.

Many civil society groups behind the protests boycotted Wednesday’s meeting with the prime minister, saying they were not invited, and that those who were did not represent them.