Czech Prime Minister under more fire as his aide is detained

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Czech Prime Minister under more fire as his aide is detained

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Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas has said he will not resign following police raids of several government institutions, including his own office.

According to local media, Jana Nagyova, a senior aide to the Prime Minister, has been detained in a corruption case that has rattled an already fragile government.

Speaking to reporters Necas said: “I am personally convinced that I did not do anything dishonest and that my colleagues have not done anything dishonest either… Therefore I do not have any reason to consider a resignation and, thus, the fall of the government.”

Interior Minister Jan Kubice told parliament that the Prime Minister had been visited by the head of police and two attorneys, saying it was “in connection with a step in the criminal proceedings” but giving no further information.

A police spokesperson announced that no charges had yet been made, but those detained were being questioned and more searches were under way.

One of Necas’s political opponents, Lubomir Zaoralek, deputy chief of the centre-left opposition Social Democrats, said: “If it is confirmed that there has been connection of organised crime and the highest level of politics, there should be an early election.”

The current centre-right government does not hold a stable majority and since Necas’s election it has been on the brink of collapse on several occasions.

Necas’s cabinet has been praised in the past for its pursuit of corruption cases in the country, but it has also been rocked by several of its own scandals.

Many are saying that Necas will not survive this latest blow, even if details of the police raid remain vague.