Colorado burns in "out of control" wildfire

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Colorado burns in "out of control" wildfire

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Firefighters in Colorado say a wind-driven wildfire is burning out of control in and around the state’s second city, Colorado Springs.

Dubbed the Black Forest blaze it is sweeping through the city’s northeastern outskirts, from where 7000 people have been evacuated. Nearly 100 homes have already been destroyed.

“You work your whole life to have your own little place on this globe.. 
you find this place that’s special to..and then its gone,” said one man.

We have a 20-month old, and this morning she asked to go home… Things like that are really hard,” said a tearful woman.

42% of the state is currently experiencing exceptional or extreme drought, so even green vegetation is unable to resist the blaze. High temperature and winds are forecast to continue.

Barely a year ago Colorado Springs suffered its worst-ever forest fire, when 300 homes were destroyed and 35,000 people had to be evacuated.