Tunisian topless protest ends in jail

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Tunisian topless protest ends in jail

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A topless protest in central Tunis by three women in a show of solidarity has now cost them a four month jail sentence each. It was “an attack on public morals and indecency “ said the judge.

The protest by French women Marguerite Stern and Pauline Hillier and Josephine Markmann of Germany took place at the end of May in support of fellow activist Amina Tyler who was detained earlier last month.

Before the sentence French Foreign minister Laurent Fabius had called for leniency towards the women who are members of the Femen protest group. “There are laws to be respected but their act does not require major punishment,” he said. One woman outside the court held a banner which said the sentence was not severe enough.

Tunisian Amina Tyler was detained after she hung a feminist banner from the wall of a mosque and tried to bare her breasts. She published topless photographs of herself on Facebook with the words “My body belongs to me and not the honour of others,” written on her chest in Arabic.