Shock and disbelief at Greek shutdown of ERT

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Shock and disbelief at Greek shutdown of ERT

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The Greek government’s decision to pull the plug on the country’s public broadcaster is one of its most drastic measures yet to pare down Greek public institutions as part of austerity measures.

It is a move which has angered journalists, politicians and unions alike.

“It is an incomprehensible act. I don’t believe it is happening in a democratic country, as I don’t believe that that something like that has happened in any democratic country,” said journalist Stella Papapopoulou.

Yiorgos Savvides, of the Greek Journalists’ Union Cnfederation believed the government had a wider agenda:

“They want to shut down ERT in order to manipulate the media as it suits them. They want to take full control all the mass media.”

With two parties within the government’s three party coalition opposing the move this could be a major test for Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

Our correspondent Stamatis Giannisis who was in Athens said:

“The government’s decision to close down the public broadcaster has caused the most serious split so far in the in three party coalition government. But the closing down of ERT is only the tip of the iceberg as there are also plans to shut down or to amalgamate a large number of so called public sector companies.”