More flights cancelled as French air traffic control strike intensifies

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More flights cancelled as French air traffic control strike intensifies

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A strike by French air traffic controllers has intensified on its second day.

The French aviation authority said around midday on Wednesday that the stoppage had “exceptional” backing with almost 100 percent of controllers taking part.

More cancellations are expected as they step up their opposition to EU plans to create a single European airspace.

“I’m exhausted because they keep on sending us here and there. It was already very difficult to find a flight for tonight and then they told us that even that one is cancelled too. They haven’t even asked us if we need anything, not even a coffee,” said one female passenger at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

“It’s always the passengers who have to make do. It’s true that it’s not easy. It’s annoying for everybody. We would really like to understand (their) problems but there are limits too,” added another.

A male passenger tried to take the disruption in his stride: “Yes it’s very annoying. But you know, when you travel by plane you know you can become a victim, so you adapt,” he said.

Earlier it was announced that about a quarter of all flights in France had been cancelled, as had nearly 200 in and out of the UK. The problems are expected to be compounded by numerous delays.

Although France should return to normal on Thursday, industrial action by air traffic controllers in several other European countries is expected to cause more disruption.

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